Wisdom sparks the Future ——The Sodality of New and old members of Ningbo Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

Innovation-driven development and wisdom sparks the Future. On June 30th, nearly 40 new and old members of Ningbo Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai gathered in the conference room of Oriental Fisherman's Wharf Chamber to discuss intelligent reform and enterprise development, focusing on topics such as "artificial intelligence + new retail" and "enterprise digital strategy".


Hou Chengfei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and executive deputy secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce

Hou chengfei welcomed all members and briefly introduced the basic information of the Chamber of Commerce from the aspects of organizational structure, platform construction and brand activities.She said that the purpose of the event is to better build a service platform for members, give full play to the service functions of the Chamber of Commerce, promote the full communication among members, share the feelings of hometown and seek common development. At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce is also the "home" of Ningbo entrepreneurs in Shanghai.In the next stage, the Chamber of Commerce will, as always, take solid measures to serve the development of member enterprises, closely gather and rely on the wisdom and strength of all members, and continuously enhance the cohesion and influence of the Chamber.


Zheng Ning, General Manager of Kailai (Shanghai) Robot Technology Co., LTD

Zheng Ning Shared the theme of Discussion on the Application of Industrial Robots in the Field of Intelligent New Retail. Since Ma Yun put forward the concept of "new retail" in 2016, the catering industry has launched a series of reforms and attempts around "new retail", some of which are closely related to industrial robots and smart devices.Taking the case as the entry point, he introduced the application of industrial robots in some new retail scenarios.At present, most enterprises of automation technology have got through the intellectualization of the whole process from payment to production to delivery. The realization of these technologies can ensure the landing of cases. How to reduce the operation cost to the maximum extent is an eternal topic of retailers' discussion, among which human cost is an important link.Thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence, robotic arms have been redefined, and once their cost falls as expected, they will soon be on the streets, not just in coffee, but at barbecues and even pancake stands.Through the bridge of artificial intelligence, we can copy the operation idea and operation experience of the whole Internet and apply it to offline entities to truly realize the integration of online and offline.


Xu Gang, General Manager of Xushi Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD

Xu Gang shares the theme of building a New Ecology of Joining forces in the Digital Age.Under the current economic background, especially the downward economic pressure brought by the epidemic, the traditional business model has been challenged, and it is extremely urgent to reduce cost and increase efficiency.A study of more than 300 companies in various industries around the world shows that 90% of their business strategies will take information and data clarity as a key asset by 2022. Digitization is an irreversible trend.The 2.0 era of digital transformation is also an era driven by ecology.The construction of the ecosystem connects the upstream and downstream partners to create value together.Consul general xu combine to provide clients with member management system, and one-stop services to help our clients achieve digital office solutions such as revenue increased rapidly interpretation and analysis of the case, make everybody on the ecological value with intuitive experience, and puts forward, to fully understand the necessity of digital communication and learning, the fact that cooperation and competition coexist.Only by promoting the formation of industrial alliances can we gather strong industrial ecological competitiveness. We should not only take the initiative to create industrial alliances, but also actively cooperate with a third party to create industrial alliances.


Ningbo Kang Er FeiJian green daily necessities co., LTD., general manager, vice President of the institute of east China university of political science and law of intellectual property rights ChuXiang, PepsiCo's new materials technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., general manager of the ZhuoAiMing, Shanghai corona enterprise management co., LTD., general manager of Sun Jun, Shanghai yao investment management co., LTD. CEO Zhang Yinqi members respectively describes the present situation of the enterprise and the main business, deputy director of investment cooperation in Shanghai meishan bonded port meishan hui-qi zhang briefly introduced the ningbo bonded area investment environment and preferential policies.The members expressed that the chamber of Commerce is a platform for exchanging needed goods and sharing resources. They hoped to make use of the platform to better appreciate their hometown, seek cooperation and promote development. At the same time, they expressed their willingness to contribute their own strength to contribute to the construction and development of the chamber of Commerce family.



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