Do you know the requirements of using robot cable?

The first point, of course, is about the requirement of signal transmission. As we all know, robots work according to the instructions given by the computer, and these instructions are transmitted by the robot cable. Therefore, high-quality robots not only transmit fast signals, but also very * *.On the contrary, cables that fail to meet this requirement will completely affect the work of the robot. The signal transmission is not stable and the robot cannot execute instructions.

Secondly, the wear resistance of the robot cable is also crucial. The robot cable will float with the movement of the robot when it is working, so if the cable is not wear-resistant, it will be damaged over time. In this way, not only the robot cannot be used, but also there will be some potential safety hazards.

Then the flexible robot cables also has certain requirements, a variety of sizes and types of robot and its usage is different, some robot working range is bigger, more frequent operation, if the flexible cable is not enough, can't follow the robot motion resistance to reverse, so will cause serious damage to the cable.Therefore, the choice of robot cable flexibility is also a necessary condition.

The last is the service life of the robot cable. Unlike other industrial parts, the robot cable is not always repairable or replaced, so the service life of the cable is very important. The durable cable can not only improve the working efficiency of the robot, but also save maintenance cost.

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