How to maintain industrial robots

At ordinary times, we must do a good job in the maintenance of industrial robots, because it may affect the working efficiency of robots at ordinary times.So how do you do robot maintenance?Generally speaking, when you buy a robot, there will be instructions on how to use it and how to maintain the industrial robot.The maintenance method of different brands is also different naturally.

When carrying out the maintenance of industrial robots, one should carefully read the maintenance operation manual. The operation manual indicates how often to maintain which parts, what are the items of daily maintenance, three-day maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance and every three years maintenance.

Robot maintenance is a delicate technical work, many projects need professional tools and experience, such as robot oil change, replacement of wastage spare parts, etc., all need professional maintenance personnel to better operate, so as to avoid operation errors and cause unnecessary damage to the robot body.Regular maintenance of the robot can greatly reduce the failure rate of the robot. In the process of maintenance, engineers will also carefully check whether there is wear and tear in all parts of the robot, and timely remind the customer, greatly reducing the robot's downtime.

Robots are just like people. People need to keep in good health, and industrial robots also need regular maintenance. Only after the maintenance can industrial robots run more healthily.

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