What should robot maintenance do

While everyone knows the importance of robot maintenance, it is still unclear how often to maintain a robot.Now let me make it clear that for every year or 6,000 working hours that a robot works, it has to do maintenance work.The maintenance contents of the robot mainly include the replacement of lubricating oil of six shaft reducer and lubricating oil of J4 shaft gear shaft, the replacement of wearing parts, the inspection of operation condition of each module in the control cabinet, and the inspection of wear condition of each cable in the control cabinet.

If grease is not replaced for a long time, the six axes of the robot will be blocked by deteriorated grease, which will not lubricate the reducer but increase wear and shorten the service life of the robot.When changing the grease, we can obviously see that the grease inside has become cloudy with pungent smell. Therefore, timely changing the grease is a must for robot maintenance.

Some vulnerable parts in the control cabinet will not be replaced for a long time, and the aging of vulnerable parts will cause the robot to stop.Check the running condition of each module in the control cabinet regularly and check each cable carefully, etc., which can greatly reduce the downtime of the robot.

Therefore, regular maintenance of robots is very necessary. Meanwhile, both robot maintenance and robot maintenance need professional engineers to operate. Otherwise, once operation error occurs, it is very likely to cause more damage.

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