What points can't be ignored in robot cable selection

Cable robots can be widely used, which is mainly due to cable performance attributes stand out, cable material is qualitative soft, superior tensile properties, flexible, and restore the performance is very strong, cable bend in a short time in a recovery state, without causing cable partial necrosis, late will not affect the cable to use.

The needs of the development in all walks of life speeds up the cable robot, the various types of cable markets robot type cable, it would be good for consumers and also have its downside, benefit is selectively widely, can choose appropriate own needs cable, on the other hand is a cable type many, the product type in general will be miscellaneous, for users to choose the appropriate cable will be a big challenge

Explicit use of functions

For any consumer, when buying a cable, it's important to know exactly what's worth buying.What are the practical applications of cables?On the basis of these, make clear the purchase requirements, and understand the parameters and functions of all aspects of the cable in detail through the cable specification. The general robot cable has the following advantages:

1)wear resistance, the use of efficient composite material to enhance the cable in the process of use of friction resistance

2Compressive resistance, which can be seen from the recovery performance of the cable

3)Good tensile force effect

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