What should spraying robot do for maintenance

1. Check the movement status of each axis cable, power cable and communication cable of the spraying robot.

2. Check whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage in the gear box and wrist.

3. Check the zero position of the spraying robot;Spraying robot each shaft motor and brake.

4. Check lubricating oil on each axis of the spraying robot;Each shaft limit block;Disconnect all power supplies to the control cabinet.

5. Check the main board, storage board, calculation board and driving board of the spraying robot;Spray robot control cabinet there is no sundries, dust and so on in the cabinet, check the tightness

6. Check whether the joint of the control cabinet and manipulator is loose or whether the cable is loose or damaged;

7. Check the storage battery of the program;Optimize the hard disk space of the robot control cabinet, ensure the normal operation space, etc., understand the safety guidelines in the safety Manual ‖, and shall not carry out any maintenance work on the spraying robot.The task must be undertaken by suitably trained skilled workers.


The above are the basic seven aspects of the maintenance of spraying robot, in addition, we should also pay attention to the maintenance interval of spraying robot, various equipment maintenance interval depends on environmental conditions, operating hours and other factors and vary.Before spraying any operation, carefully study the operation manual of spraying robot, and then conduct operation after professional training.


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