Maintenance of industrial robot body

1. General maintenance

1) Clean the manipulator

The robot maintains and cleans the base and arm of the manipulator regularly;High pressure cleaning equipment can be used, but should avoid direct injection to the manipulator;If the manipulator is protected by grease film, remove as required.(Avoid using strong solvent such as acetone, avoid using plastic protection, in order to prevent the generation of static electricity, must use wet or wet cloth to wipe the non-conductive surface, such as spraying equipment, hoses, etc.Do not use dry cloth.

2) Cleaning and maintenance of hollow wrists

According to the actual situation, hollow wrists need to be cleaned frequently to avoid accumulation of dust and particles, and clean with a clean cloth that cannot afford pompous balls. After the wrist is cleaned, a small amount of Vaseline or similar substances can be added to the wrist surface, which will be more convenient for cleaning in the future.

3) Regular inspection

Check for oil leaks;Check whether the gear clearance is too large;Inspect cables between control cabinet, purge unit, process cabinet and manipulator for damage.

4) Inspection of fixing bolts

The fastening bolts and fixing clamps that fix the manipulator on the foundation must be kept clean and shall not touch corrosive liquids such as water, acid and alkali solution.If corrosion resistant coating such as galvanized coating or coating is damaged, the relevant parts shall be cleaned and coated with corrosion resistant coating.


2. Axle brake test

During operation, each shaft motor brake will wear normally.In order to determine whether the brake is working properly, it must be tested at this time.

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