ABB Robot Training

ABB Robot Training

Dear customers, thank you for choosing the products of Kailai (Shanghai) Robot Technology Co., LTD. The robot maintenance center will provide a variety of training courses for you to choose from, suitable for different robot practitioners. Allow you to better learn, understand, and use ABB robots. Looking forward to your arrival!


ABB Robot Basic Training (including basic programming) 

Participant Requirements

Computer skills

Ability to read and write English

Training Effect 

Understand ABB robot structure

Robot teaching

Grasp the structure of the application

Common commands for robots

Read the robot manual

Ability to write simple applications

Learn to modify and define I/O signals

Be able to read the running program of the robot

Training Content

Robot system safety

ABB robot system introduction

Manual operation and instruction function

Robot coordinate system

Programming and testing

Basic instructions

I/O signal definition

Robot backup and restore

Zero alignment of robot

Robot system start


ABB robot electrical knowledge and trouble shooting

Training participants

Field engineer

Field maintenance personnel

Training effect

Dismantle and install the robot control cabinet

Maintain and replace all components in the control cabinet

Read the circuit diagram of the robot

Understand how robots work

Training content

Robot safety production

Introduction to ABB Robot

ABB robot circuit introduction

Circuit diagram of robot

Safety chain connection and principle

Definition and principle of 1/0 signal

Principle of robot operation

Control cabinet structure

Robot electrical fault check

The robot system was reinstalled


Registration way

1. Scan qr code, follow the company's official account to participate in the registration

2. Call the service hotline at 400-018-6626 to register

3. For more details, visit


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